Quality Website Hosting

The issue of hosting your website is one that you need to look into very carefully. There are alternatives that you can consider, like having your friend host your website in the garage because they have the space and you need to save money. However, there are risks that are associated with this. Power might go off; there might be hacking attempts on your website or their server and so forth. The one thing that your business does not need is a crashing server. There are times when your server might experience a lot of traffic, especially when you do your marketing properly and there is a lot of interest in your website. Because of this you should let your hosting be carried out by professionals.

Investing in your website is a good idea especially when you can get all the right people working with you. Professionals hosting companies usually make sure that there are backup options all the time. There are firewalls and so many security protocols that protect your website from harm. This is why you need to consider getting professional hosting services.

Shared Hosting

This is a situation where there are a number of websites that rely on one web server to connect them to the internet. Each and every website has its own allocated space on the server, and it is affordable since the costs are shared appropriately across the users.

Dedicated Hosting

In this hosting plan, the client (you) will lease the whole server without sharing it with anyone else. This is a good alternative in the event that your website makes use of a lot of graphics (videos and images) and you would not wish to have lapses from time to time. It is also very expensive as compared to shared hosting.

Apart from that you get the freedom of choosing what you want to use like to use on your website. From the operating system to the hardware you use, you will have complete control over all of these when using a dedicated hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS refers to virtual private servers. There are some benefits that you will get from using this service, but these depend on the service provider. A lot of the providers usually offer a dedicated IP address for you, KVM virtualization technology, 32 or 64 bit hosting platform, and a guaranteed share of the CPU if and when more space is needed or is available.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting takes to the benefits of cloud computing that by now so many people are aware of. Through this process, there is sharing of resources and economies of scale from working with a host provider that caters to so many users. Say for example your website is hosted by the same company that is hosting CNN; you will get the same services that CNN is getting in terms of quality since the host provider has a reputation that they need to maintain.


We provide the best web hosting services for our clients with an aim of making sure that your website is able to gain and handle the relevant traffic that you need without crashing out.